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WestPac 2016 in Seattle

The Western and Pacific Northwest Regions of the Piano Technicians Guild held the combined Regional Conference event (WestPac) in Seattle at the end of March 2016. Two members completed their exams to become RPTs during the event, and it was a success all around.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Supply88 booth, and we are grateful to our customers for making what we do so much fun!

WestPac 2016Seattle Space NeedleSupply88 booth at WestPac 2016

Our next event will be the National Convention in July in Norfolk, and we are hoping to attend two more regional events this fall.

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How the Piano Wire Tires are Made (Video)

A set of 17 Piano Wire Tires is made from 34 pieces of molded ABS plastic. Currently, we’re using a manually-operated injection machine (not intended for production volumes), and this has limited our supply. We will eventually have these produced by a plastics company, but the tooling expenses and high volume part costs are preventing us from making that investment until a later time. For now, we will keep making them as fast as we can.

This video shows part of the process of molding 1/2 of a tire. Part cool-down time is edited out, as is the process of setting up for the next cycle.

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New: Super Bright LED Headlamp

When my expensive, name-brand headlamp stopped working, I bought this inexpensive headlamp to try out as a replacement. Despite being a fraction of the cost, I like it better than what I used previously. It’s one of my most useful tools, so we decided to make it available to other technicians on
– Mark Purney, RPT

Super Bright LED Headlamp from Supply88

* Very bright (CREE XM-L T6 LED)
* Comfortable, adjustable fit
* Tilt angle adjusts to 3 positions
* Rechargeable batteries included (two 18650 Li-Ion 3.7V 4200mAh)
* AC wall charger included
* Focusing Lens: Pull out on the lamp to focus the beam for long distance use.
* Waterproof
* Lasts about 10 hours on normal brightness setting
* Three Modes:
1. Ridiculously bright (the intensity of 1000 suns – you probably won’t use this setting)
2. Very bright (this is the setting you’ll most likely use for piano work)
3. Strobe (turn your workshop into a disco, or disorient your attackers?)

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New Gadget for Piano Technicians: TechTalon from Supply88

The TechTalon holds your iPhone, iPod or Pocket PC for you while you tune, so you can comfortably view your ETD software app at all times. It’s a compact, lightweight and affordable device that mounts on any vertical or grand tuning pin, and easily adjusts to any viewing angle.

View Video:

If you’re tired of balancing your phone on plate struts and cheek blocks, propping it up against upright lids, and moving your head around to avoid the reflected glare on the screen, the TechTalon is here to make your piano tunings more enjoyable.


The TechTalon’s jaws expand to 3.75″ wide, enough to hold the largest iPhone 6. You can rotate your device to view in landscape or portrait orientation. The TechTalon can also hold other items, like tools or flashlights.

We had fun developing this product, and we hope you have fun using it!

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WestPac V (2015)

Supply88 officially launched in February 2015 at the WestPac V Regional Conference in Ontario, CA. The WestPac team, headed up by Bruce Stevens, put on quite a program this year!
We had a great time with our PTG friends as usual, and we were overwhelmed by the positive response to our products. Thanks to all who stopped by our booth, and we hope to see you at WestPac VI in Seattle 2016!

A selfie to document our first ever “Exhibitor” badges.
Mark and Dawn Purney of Supply88

We forgot to take photos, but our friend Melanie Brooks of Brooks LTD posted this one on facebook – thanks Melanie!
Supply88 booth at WestPac V

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New Storefront for Supply88

We’re pleased to announce the Supply88 web store will be live by the end of May 2015.

Piano industry professionals (technicians and retailers): Please register for an account to view the products in our web store.

If you’re planning to be at the Annual PTG Convention in Denver, be sure to stop by our booth and say hello!