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New: Super Bright LED Headlamp

When my expensive, name-brand headlamp stopped working, I bought this inexpensive headlamp to try out as a replacement. Despite being a fraction of the cost, I like it better than what I used previously. It’s one of my most useful tools, so we decided to make it available to other technicians on
– Mark Purney, RPT

Super Bright LED Headlamp from Supply88

* Very bright (CREE XM-L T6 LED)
* Comfortable, adjustable fit
* Tilt angle adjusts to 3 positions
* Rechargeable batteries included (two 18650 Li-Ion 3.7V 4200mAh)
* AC wall charger included
* Focusing Lens: Pull out on the lamp to focus the beam for long distance use.
* Waterproof
* Lasts about 10 hours on normal brightness setting
* Three Modes:
1. Ridiculously bright (the intensity of 1000 suns – you probably won’t use this setting)
2. Very bright (this is the setting you’ll most likely use for piano work)
3. Strobe (turn your workshop into a disco, or disorient your attackers?)