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New Gadget for Piano Technicians: TechTalon from Supply88

The TechTalon holds your iPhone, iPod or Pocket PC for you while you tune, so you can comfortably view your ETD software app at all times. It’s a compact, lightweight and affordable device that mounts on any vertical or grand tuning pin, and easily adjusts to any viewing angle.

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If you’re tired of balancing your phone on plate struts and cheek blocks, propping it up against upright lids, and moving your head around to avoid the reflected glare on the screen, the TechTalon is here to make your piano tunings more enjoyable.


The TechTalon’s jaws expand to 3.75″ wide, enough to hold the largest iPhone 6. You can rotate your device to view in landscape or portrait orientation. The TechTalon can also hold other items, like tools or flashlights.

We had fun developing this product, and we hope you have fun using it!