Serial Number Duplication Stencils for Piano Restoration

Serial Number Duplication Stencils from Supply88

Piano Rebuilders: Still Using Hobby Store Transfer Sheets?

If you rebuild pianos, consider refinishing your plates with factory-authentic markings using Supply88’s Serial Number Stencils.

Here’s how it works:

1. Before the plate is refinished, take a photo of the original serial number or other markings you wish to have duplicated and send it to us.
(We will also need dimensions, so put a ruler next to the markings when taking the photo.)
2. We will custom-design a number font that matches the style of the numbers in your photo, and produce an adhesive-backed stencil for you, and send you two stencils so you have an extra as backup in case something goes wrong on your first attempt.
3. Peel off the backing, apply the stencil to the refinished plate, and then remove the transfer tape (outer layer).
4. Mask off the area outside of the stencil and spray the numbers with black lacquer or a paint that is compatible with your plate finish. Let dry and remove the adhesive-backed stencil to reveal the finished work.
Optional: Some serial numbers were applied in the factory with ink stamps, and do not have a jet-black, solid appearance. If you wish to duplicate this effect, instead of spraying black over the stencil, you can mix up some dark gray (near-black) paint and apply it unevenly with a sponge, and/or blot the numbers to match the thinner appearance of the original stamped numbers. Also, you can apply a protective layer of clear lacquer over your final result, or multiple clear layers if you wish to level the area with fine grit paper or polishing so the numbers are not raised.

For a basic serial number, the cost will usually be $30, but prices can vary if the details are more complicated or require more design work. Please call to discuss your project. If we have discussed the project, and you are purchasing a basic $30 stencil with regular mail shipping, please click here to finalize your purchase. For non-basic stencils, we will process the order by phone.