Soundboard Dust Remover Tools for Grand Pianos

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Significantly speed up your grand piano cleaning & detailing jobs.

The dusting tools can be purchased individually, or as a complete set with storage bag. Use the tools to wipe the dust from the surface of a grand piano soundboard, and use a vacuum attachment to clean the dust from the tool after each pass. The tenor and treble tools are covered with 100% wool felt, so they are intended for dry dusting only, not for use with cleaning fluids.

Microfiber Bass Tool (new):
This tool makes quick work of the bass section: It easily covers the open areas of the soundboard, and fits under the bass strings of most grand pianos. Features a plastic handle with a flat, flexible core that you can bend to shape. The cover is a washable, microfiber material. This is a general-purpose dusting tool that can be used for many applications besides soundboards. Comes in orange, magenta, light blue and dark blue (colors may vary from image).
Bass Duster Colors

Welded Tenor Tool:
Features welded steel construction, flexible shaft, 100% wool dusting surface, hardwood handle, and plastic coating on the shaft to protect the piano. To use the Tenor Tool, insert it between the strings, and turn it 90 degrees to drag along the soundboard surface to pick up dust. Turn the tool 90 degrees again to vacuum the dust from the tool, and repeat as necessary. The flexible steel shaft makes it easier to cover more soundboard area during each pass.

Treble Tool:
The Treble Tool is flexible steel, covered with 100% wool felt that is reinforced with stitching. This tool is for dusting hard-to-reach areas, like under the “sound holes” in the plate, and the narrow part of the soundboard near the treble bridge.

Carrying Bag:
The 22″ long carrying bag holds the above three tools with room to spare for other items.


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