Stack Screw Organizer

Stack Screw Organizer from Supply88

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Designed by Robert V Springer, this handy device lets you safely set aside your stack screws, both in the shop and in the field. Unlike cardboard, the screws stay trapped and cannot fall out, and this bright blue box is less likely to get misplaced. The front of the organizer is clearly labeled, so you always know the orientation of the screws with respect to the action stack.

To load or unload the Stack Screw Organizer, simply snap the lid off the top to access the screw storage area. The lid then snaps into the bottom of the holder so you won’t lose it. When storing the screws while working on the action, just snap the lid into the top of the organizer to trap the screws so they cannot fall out.

The Stack Screw Organizer is 3D printed from durable ABS plastic.

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