170mm Inner Bracket for Young Chang, Weber Single Bracket
170mm Inner Bracket for Young Chang, Weber Single Bracket

170mm Inner Bracket for Young Chang, Weber Single Bracket

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Due to periodic shortages of OEM brackets, many technicians asked us to consider providing an aftermarket alternative.

These brackets are made of polyethylene, which is durable, heat-resistant, dimensionally stable, and a long lifespan that makes it acceptable for this application. New screws are provided for mounting the hammer and whippen rails to the new brackets. All other original hardware should be re-used (washers, lock washers and frame-mounting wood screws).

Brackets are sold individually, not as a set. For example, if you need brackets for a Weber 50, you would need to order (2) 205mm brackets and (2) 145mm brackets.

Not all models have the same bracket configuration. Before ordering, you will need to know which brackets are needed for the piano you are working on. We only know the configurations for a handful of models at this time (see below), but we will add to the list as we obtain this information. If you happen to know the bracket configurations for the various models, please let us know.

Determining the bracket configuration with fallboard removed (refer to the image below):
Most actions have four brackets, but some models have five. The bracket size is denoted by the length of the foot, which is the part that screws to the action frame.
In each piano, the outer-most two brackets will be 205mm. There will also be two or three inner brackets, and these will either be 145mm or 170mm.

We include an instruction sheet that contains very important information about installing the brackets. It is strongly encouraged that you read this information carefully, whether it's your first bracket replacement or you've done it many times. Here is a PDF copy of that document:
PDF Information and Instruction Sheet

Models with known bracket configurations:
YC & Weber 157:  (2) 205mm, (2) 145mm
YC & Weber 175:  (2) 205mm, (2) 170mm
Weber 50: (2) 205mm, (2) 145mm
Weber 60 or 185: (2) 205mm, (2) 145mm

Models for which we do not yet know the bracket configurations:
(The configurations for these, along with any other makes/models, will be posted as we receive the information.)
YC & Weber 150
YC & Weber 185
YC & Weber 213
YC & Weber 275
Weber 51
Weber 57
Weber 69 or 208
Weber 76 or 228
Weber 90 or 275