Plastic handle for Fujan Tuning Lever
ABS Handle on Fujan Tuning Lever

ABS Plastic Ball Handle for Fujan Tuning Lever

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This 3D-printed, ABS plastic handle is a lightweight alternative for the wood ball handle of your Fujan Carbon Tube Tuning Lever.

This item does NOT include the aluminum threaded flange. To use this part, you will need to either obtain a spare aluminum flange, or somehow separate the wood from the flange of an existing handle.

This plastic part weighs about 49g (1.72 oz), about half an ounce lighter than the original wood part. Since this part is 3D printed, the surface has a texture (small ridges). It's modeled to be the same size and shape as the original wood handle (2.5" x 2" diameter ball).

You may be asking, "Why would I want this?"

Possible answers...
1. Reduce mass at the end of the tool that contributes most significantly to the rotational inertia. (It's about half an ounce lighter than the Bubinga piece.)
2. Replacing a damaged wood handle.
3. You're either a Johnny Cash fan, or you just like the way it looks.

As for how to remove the original, wood part from the aluminum insert: We have no idea how to do that without damaging the wood, but if you figure it out, let us know. When installing the plastic part to the aluminum flange, a couple of drops of gel super glue is probably sufficient, or you could use epoxy if you want it to really be hard to remove later on.