Supply88 Long Storage Tube

Storage Tube for Long Needle Bottle

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Safely transport your needle dispensers.

This storage tube allows you to transport your Long Needle Dispensers without the risk of bent needles or chemicals spilled into your tool case. The tube can also be useful for storing a variety of small parts.

Helpful tip:
The end caps are tight when new, making them difficult to put on and especially difficult to remove. Over time, the caps should stretch a little and be easier to work with. We have discovered the following can be helpful:

1. Before placing the end caps on the tubes, use two fingers on each hand to stretch the end caps.
2. Put a small amount of talc powder on the outside of the tubes before applying the end caps. This will make it much easier to remove the caps later on when you need to retrieve the contents.
3. Installing (or removing) the end caps requires some air to be able to escape (or enter) the tube. If air resistance is interfering with end cap installation or removal, press slightly inward on the clear tube to provide enough air gap to eliminate the seal between the cap and tube.