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This brass tool, created and made popular by Richard Davenport, can be used to massage and seat piano wire, and is especially useful for reaching under plate struts and between bass strings, where the Stabilizer tool may not be able to reach. The "hook" notch is used with a pulling motion for wire on one side of the bridge, and the end notch with a pushing motion for wire on the other side of the bridge. (See videos below.)

Important note: Brass can discolor copper bass strings. When inserting the tool between bass strings to reach tenor bridge, make sure the tool only touches the underside of the copper wound bass strings, so it never never rubs against the visible top sides of bass strings. It is helpful to gently push down on the nearest bass string running under the tool to provide more clearance while using the tool, to prevent accidentally rubbing the brass over the visible copper windings.

A few years ago at an event, Richard Davenport, who created this tool, suggested that we should make these available, since he was no longer making them. We finally got around to it. Many thanks to Jim Busby of Piano Technician Tutorials, who gave us one that he made to use as a model.

These handmade tools take a while to produce, but we will try our best to keep them in stock. If we happen to be out of them, please check back in a few days or drop us a note to let us know you are needing one.

Here is Jim's video demonstrating the tool (he may be posting an updated version of this video in the near future):
Richard Davenport's video that also features a demonstration of the tool: