The Stabilizer Wire Bending Tool from Supply88
The Stabilizer Wire Bending Tool

The Stabilizer Wire Bending Tool

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Specify Standard or Bass version. The Standard version is for tenor & treble bridge pins. The Bass version works with larger diameter bass bridge pins.

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Comfort Grip (click here to purchase separately)


This wonderful tool by Moondog Manufacturing was developed by Roger Gable, and after using it for several years now, we would not want to be without one.

Improve wire bends at the bridge without stressing the bridge pins


The Stabilizer tightens the wire bends around the bridge pins, but does so without placing sideways stress on the pins. The tool uses the bridge pin as a guide. While holding the tool so that it stays centered on the pin, the tool is twisted to apply force to the wire, while taking care not to apply sideways force to the bridge pin. The resulting tighter wire bend provides more stability in the wire. On the front (speaking length) side, false beats are often reduced in the process. Watch the video for more details and a demonstration of how the tool works.