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Long Needle Hypo Oiler Bottle from Supply88

Long Needle Dispenser Bottle - 5 Pack 0.5 oz. Hypo Oilers

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The Supply88 Long Needle Dispenser Bottle has a 3-1/4" long, 20 gauge needle, making it useful for applying lubricants to hard-to-reach center pins, or dispensing fluids to any areas that require a longer needle.

This bottle features an aluminum cap, and a rubber protector for the end of the needle.

Note on Protek CLP: Although these are great for dispensing CLP, we don't suggest storing CLP in the bottles for long periods of time, because CLP does not seem to be compatible with the rubber seal in the metal cap. If your seal becomes damaged from contact with CLP (or some other substance), we've found that the dispensers still work - you may just need to tighten the cap a bit more firmly to make it liquid-tight (and test just to be sure it does not leak).