Fishman Pickup Blackout Covers - Black Flexible TPU - Set of 2
Fishman Pickup Blackout Covers - Black Flexible TPU - Set of 2

Fishman Pickup Blackout Covers - Black Flexible TPU - Set of 2

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Covers for Fishman Fluence 7-String Pickups

Made for Fishman Fluence 7-String pickups (we can develop them for other pickups - see the note below). The Moderns on our Strandberg Prog NX 7 measure approximately 80.9mm x 37.75mm - you may want to verify your pickup dimensions before ordering.

This pair of blackout covers was created to improve the appearance of our Prog NX 7, because we felt that the brushed metal finish did not match the black hardware and fingerboard. Everyone has different tastes, but we love the stealth appearance.

  • Protect pickups from picking or string scratches.
  • Blacks out pickups to match black hardware and ebony or Richlite fingerboards.
  • Thin, flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) with brushed top finish.
  • Slip-on or remove in seconds - rubbery material grips the pickup and stays put.
  • Adds less than 1.5mm thickness to top of pickup.
  • Does not alter tone or interfere with pickup function.
  • Durable material (used for many phone and tablet cases)
  • Comes as a pair (set of 2)

Overall Dimensions:

Fishman Fluence 7-String pickup covers are 82 x 40 x 6.2mm

We can make covers for other pickups, but we will need very accurate overall dimensions (must be measured with calipers, not eye-balled with a ruler). We also need photographs from the top, side and other angles so we can estimate corner radius dimensions. For multiscale-specific pickups with offset coils, please measure the overall dimensions, the length of a single coil housing, and the thickness of a single coil housing.

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