Earasers Hearing Protection for Piano Tuners
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Earasers - Medium Size (Fits Most Men)

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Medium Size: Fits most adult males

For women, children, or men with small ear openings, CLICK HERE to purchase the Small size Earasers

Save those ears!

I've tried a number of "musicians" earplugs, but when I discovered Earasers at the NAMM Show, I found my go-to plugs. There are less expensive musicians plugs that work, but I can wear the Earasers all day without getting that uncomfortable, itchy feeling. Also, the low-profile "hearing aid" style makes them nearly invisible, so clients won't even know you are wearing them. The feedback I've received from other tuners has been very positive. Whether you use Earasers or another product, the important thing is to use some form of hearing protection. Earplugs can take some getting used to, so I suggest starting off by using them for pitch raises (tension adjustment tunings).
- Mark Purney, RPT

Plastic carrying case with snap-open lid included:
Carrying Case Included

Optional Accessory for storing your Earasers:
Anodized aluminum Stash Cans with threaded lid and key ring.

Important Note:
To insert the Earasers properly, hold them in front of you so the blue and red lines are facing you, with red on the right and blue on the left. Maintain this orientation when inserting them for proper fit. You can adjust the amount of orientation by how tightly you insert them into your ears: For pitch raises, and when tuning octaves 4 and 5, a tight fit is recommended. You can pull them out slightly, if needed, to hear more subtle high partials when tuning bass or high treble.