PFPE Lubricant 4 oz Fomblin Perfluoropolyether

PFPE Lubricant 4 oz Fomblin Perfluoropolyether

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"Fomblin to the rescue. My first application and all I can say is WOW! This Steinway was unplayable as can be seen in the video. My other center pin lubricant wasn’t working. The piano needs new hammers and action parts, but the Fomblin will enable the piano to be used for my client's party next week."
    - Alex Smith, TX

Does PFPE creep (migrate)?
Yes, according to a paper published by NASA. For this reason, we do not advise using PFPE on wire bearing points.

Update on potential effectiveness against verdigris:
In September 2019 we obtained some frozen, verdigris-infested hammers to experiment with. Those treated with the leading center pin lubricant remained frozen, but those treated with PFPE (Fomblin) returned to normal friction without any repinning. We set aside some samples from this experiment, and after 21 months, the PFPE-treated hammers swing the same number of times as when the lubricant was applied. This is not sufficient evidence to draw conclusions, because someone else doing this experiment with different hammers might get a different result. But so far, everyone that has provided us with feedback has reported similar results, and we have not yet received any reports of hammers (which responded to PFPE) that later reverted to high friction. If and when this happens to you, please let us know and we will update our information, and over time, we will develop a better understanding of the duration of effectiveness against vertigris.

Important Notes

  • This item ships only to addresses in the United States.
  • PFPE is prone to creep (migrate), according to a paper published by NASA. For this reason, we do not suggest using it on wire bearing points.
  • The use of PFPE (Fomblin) lubricant for piano action centers is still experimental at this time. Supply88 makes no claims or guarantees about this product.
  • Supply88 assumes no responsibility for any problems or damages resulting from the use of this product.
  • This product is sold by weight, not volume. It contains a carefully-weighed solution that is almost twice as dense as water.
  • Please avoid inhalation of fumes and avoid direct exposure to skin and eyes.
  • Over-tightening the aluminum bottle's cap can damage the threads. The cap will form a tight seal well before it reaches that point. Once you notice the cap become a little harder to turn, don't go much beyond that point.

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