Pickup Covers Open Core 7 String - Set of 2
Pickup Covers Open Core 7 String - Set of 2

Pickup Covers Open Core 7 String - Set of 2

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At this time, the standard cover (with relief channels) has the "carbon fiber" texture pictured below. The thin version without channels has the brushed texture. The carbon fiber texture is very subtle, and mostly not visible unless the light reflects off it a certain way, as was done intentionally for this photo.

Blackout Covers (2pc) for 7-String (Open Core) Pickups. These fit typical (78mm x 36mm) 7-string pickups, including Fishman Open Core Classics and EMG Hot70. Black Flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane).

Blackout Covers for Open Core 7 String PIckups

Please note there are two versions:


The standard covers have a ~1.25mm thick face, with two relief channels that are 0.75mm deep to accommodate pole pieces that are not quite flush with the plastic surface of the pickups.



The ultra-thin covers have a ~0.8mm thick face, with no relief channels to accommodate protruding pole pieces. These are only recommended for pickups with flat pole pieces that are flush with the top surface of the pickups. If the pole pieces protrude at all, the ultra-thin covers will have "bumps" on the surface, and will not appear flat.

Important Disclaimers:
1. These will add some dimension to your pickups, lessening the gap between pickup and strings. If your pickups are very high, you may need to consider lowering them a small amount.
2. If you dig in deep with your guitar pick, such that you regularly contact your pickups while playing, you may notice a difference in feel because the corners are not as rounded-off as that of the original pickups, and because the texture of TPU is more "grippy" than
hard plastic.
3. These are 3D printed, one at a time, not mass-produced with molds, which would be cost-prohibitive considering how few of these we sell. The side walls of the covers are not as smooth or consistent in appearance and texture compared to the front (audience-facing) surface. Just like the fabric tape around the sides of the windings on open-core pickups, nobody notices the sides of guitar pickups. But we don't want you to purchase these expecting something they are not and be disappointed.


  • Protect pickups from picking/string scratches.
  • Blacks out pickups to match black hardware and ebony or Richlite fingerboards.
  • Thin, flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) with brushed top finish.
  • Does not alter tone or interfere with pickup function.
  • Durable material (used for many phone and tablet cases)
  • Comes as a pair (set of 2)

We can make covers for other pickups, but we will need very accurate overall dimensions (must be measured with calipers, not eye-balled with a ruler). We also need photographs from the top, side and other angles so we can estimate corner radius dimensions. For multiscale-specific pickups with offset coils/bobbins, please measure the overall dimensions, the length of a single coil housing, and the thickness of a single coil housing.

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