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Action Brackets Set of 4 with 170mm Inner Brackets (for YC, Weber)
Action Brackets Set of 4 with 170mm Inner Brackets (for YC, Weber)

Action Brackets Set of 4 with 170mm Inner Brackets (for YC, Weber)

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These brackets are made of black polyethylene, which is durable, heat-resistant, dimensionally stable, and has a long lifespan. New screws are provided for mounting the hammer and whippen rails to the new brackets. All other original hardware should be re-used (washers, lock washers and frame-mounting wood screws). The bracket feet are modeled after the original 1990s YC brackets, so you will not need to replace the wood screws with longer screws.

Brackets are sold only as a set.
Combining brackets from different sets will likely produce a piano with serious regulation problems. Whether using our brackets or brackets from another source, never combine any brackets that were not produced as a complete set.

Not all models have the same bracket configuration. You can determine the configuration with just the fallboard removed (no need to pull the action). Before ordering, you will need to know exactly which brackets are needed for the piano you are working on. We do not have the factory data to be able to tell you the configuration based on model or serial info. We've had reports of different configurations existing for the same model of piano.

Determining the bracket configuration (refer to image below):
Most actions have four brackets, but some models have five. The bracket size is denoted by the length of the foot, which is the part that screws to the action frame.
The outer-most two brackets will always be 205mm. There will also be two or three inner brackets, and these will either be 145mm or 170mm. If the front toe of the inner brackets are set back 35mm from that of the outer brackets, this indicates you need 170mm inner brackets. If they are set back 60mm, then you need 145mm brackets.

We include an instruction sheet that contains very important information about installing the brackets. It is strongly encouraged that you read this information carefully, whether it's your first bracket replacement or you've done it many times. Here is a PDF copy of that document:
PDF Information and Instruction Sheet