Strandberg 6-String Tremolo Spring Cavity Cover - Black ABS Plastic
Strandberg 6-String Tremolo Spring Cavity Cover - Black ABS Plastic

Strandberg 6-String Tremolo Spring Cavity Cover - Black ABS Plastic

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If you've installed a Tremol-No or other tremolo modifications:

Make sure all tremolo hardware remains completely inside the cavity throughout its range of motion. If anything protrudes beyond the back surface of the guitar, this cover is not recommended.

Snap in to install, pop out to remove.

We know from that some guitarists prefer an open spring cavity, but some don't, so now you have an option.

This ABS plastic cover has a brushed finish texture. It's just a cosmetic mod, but it could possibly protect the back of the guitar from "buckle rash" or protect the edges of the routed cavity from getting chipped or worn.

The cover is designed to have a snug press-in fit that stays on the guitar, but can be removed without much effort. Since wood expands and contracts with humidity, there is a chance the press-fit could end up looser or tighter than you might want. A loose fit is easy to correct by experimenting with adding adhesive tape to the rectangular ridge on the back side of the cover. A overly tight fit can be corrected by filing off a small amount of plastic from that rectangular ridge on the back of the cover until the fit is perfect. Most likely, you will not need to alter anything, but if you do, please let us know because we rely on your feedback and want to know if there is an issue so we can resolve it.

The 6-string cover was designed to fit a cavity that was measured to be 125.1mm x 58.1mm. Please verify the dimensions of your 6-string's tremolo spring cavity before ordering. As long as your measurements are very close to these numbers, you should be fine. If they are not, please let us know. If your cavity measurements don't match ours, we can custom-make a cover for you, but we will need measurements taken with calipers (eyeballing it with a ruler may not be accurate enough).

Overall dimensions of the cover plate:
129 x 62 x 5.5 mm

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