Pickup Covers Fishman Fluence 6 String Modern or Classic HB - Set of 2
Pickup Covers Fishman Fluence 6 String Modern or Classic HB - Set of 2
Pickup Covers Fishman Fluence 6 String Modern or Classic HB - Set of 2

Pickup Covers Fishman Fluence 6 String Modern or Classic HB - Set of 2

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Blackout Covers (2pc) for Fishman Fluence Modern (Or Classic) Humbucker 6-String Pickups - Black Flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). Does NOT fit Open Core Classic pickups.

The 6-string Modern/Classic pickup measures approximately 69.8mm x 37.6mm (not including the tabs)- you may want to verify your pickup dimensions before ordering. If you would have different pickups, but would like covers similar to these, please contact us - we might be able to do it.

Important Disclaimers:
1. These will add about 1mm of dimension to your pickups, lessening the gap between pickup and strings. If your pickups are very high, you may need to consider lowering them a small amount.
2. If you dig in deep with your guitar pick, such that you regularly contact your pickups while playing, you may notice a difference in feel because the corners are not as rounded-off as that of the original pickups, and because the texture of TPU is more "grippy" than
hard plastic.
3. These are 3D printed, one at a time, not mass-produced with molds, which would be cost-prohibitive considering how few of these we sell. The side walls of the covers are not as smooth or consistent in appearance and texture compared to the front (audience-facing) surface. Just like the fabric tape around the sides of the windings on open-core pickups, nobody notices the sides of guitar pickups. But we don't want you to purchase these expecting something they are not and be disappointed.


  • Protect pickups from picking/string scratches.
  • Blacks out pickups to match black hardware and ebony or Richlite fingerboards.
  • Thin, flexible TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) with brushed top finish.
  • Slip-on or remove in seconds - rubbery material grips the pickup and stays put.
  • Adds less than 1.5mm thickness to top of pickup.
  • Does not alter tone or interfere with pickup function.
  • Durable material (used for many phone and tablet cases)
  • Comes as a pair (set of 2)
We can make covers for other pickups, but we will need very accurate overall dimensions (must be measured with calipers, not eye-balled with a ruler). We also need photographs from the top, side and other angles so we can estimate corner radius dimensions. For multiscale-specific pickups with offset coils/bobbins, please measure the overall dimensions, the length of a single coil housing, and the thickness of a single coil housing.

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